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The following is feedback we have received from people who participated in one of our presentations:

Thank you for your time and your interest in trying to influence others with your ideas and the lessons you teach us. It is people like you, who make a small change that results in a big positive impact. Thank you for your efforts, go Get It! - Lesly

It was super fun. -Marcus

I learned so much and this session helped me put my feet on the ground and think of what I will do today to prepare for tomorrow. -Maria

I got motivated and it made me wonder and ask myself "where am I going with my life." -Thomas

We hear so much of "this is what you have to do", it was a really nice change of pace to hear about passions and what we want to do. -Tanya

The following is feedback that we have received from people who have read the book and followed the program:

This book is a very important and thoughtful program. I wish I would have had it ten years ago to give to my daughter. -John

As a recent college graduate this book has been invaluable in helping me to establish my next steps. -Dawn